Thank You…

Well we were delighted to be invited to the Cuirt Festival. And a bit nervous. It’s been quite a while since we curated a poetry event. Though we are asked pretty regularly we only agree if we can bring A, B and C from A, B or C. Other people and organisations host local poetry events much better than we do and there’s no sense in repeating what others do. Our events and exhibitions are also rather costly. It’s not what we intend. It just seems to be the way of things. And the logistics are usually pretty extreme. But Cuirt we’re great in that they allowed us within reason a free hand.

It was also interesting to see if we could re-create the Abridged ‘world’ for an hour on-stage. I think we were pretty successful in that regard though it’s fair to say being on stage is not my favourite place to be unless there’s lots of smoke and strobe lighting and you can’t actually see. Hmm could be a plan for next time. The three poets, Theresa Munoz, Jacob Polley and Steph Burt brought different voices and different worlds that somehow became a cohesive whole. Theresa’s work was quietly powerful; Jacob’s epic and frightening whilst Steph’s brilliant and personal engagement with the audience will stay with me. I think the audience received all three poets really positively. I tried to look inconspicuous.

The reaction to the Abridged also was very interesting and extremely good. Galway is one of the Abridged strongholds thanks to the generosity of the people down there. I curated the Tulca Arts Festival in 2012 and despite (once again!) putting people through the grinder they keep asking me back. It’s one of the things we really appreciate. So Thanks to Maeve, Fiona, Tara and everyone else at Cuirt. Thanks to to Theresa, Jacob and Steph and thanks to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and everyone else for their continued support. Also of course to our loyal Abridged readership wherever you may be.

Anyways this is a small note of thanks. We create our little world and are glad to be given the opportunity to share it with. There are probably many better worlds and many worse but it’s ours and we’re happy you can be a part of it.

Photo: Amanda Shirlow from Abridged 0 – 49: Babel.