A Brand New Darkness

A Brand New Darkness is inspired by The Reptile House E.P by the iconic Leeds based group The Sisters of Mercy. The title comes from a verse in the song Lights: The lights shine clear … Read More

A Contagion…

Contagion is the second part of our Pestilence trilogy. The submission call began as our exploring of the contemporary online social and political world but rather appropriately given the title it has mutated into a … Read More

On the Front

Abridged has a little exhibition, Abridged 0 – 55: On the Front, featuring of some of our issues at the Verbal Arts Centre, Derry running from now until the 28th September. The first time we … Read More

Abridged at the Cuirt Festival, Galway

Usually active in the visual art environment, Abridged makes a rare appearance in the live poetry arena with a reading featuring critically acclaimed international poets Stephen Burt, Theresa Muñoz and Jacob Polley. This will coincide … Read More

Why is it Always December?

After Lethe and Floodland comes ‘Why is always December?’ the third of our (very loose) trilogy exploring oblivion, memory and the fear of losing identity. Why is it always December? interrogates our need to memorialise … Read More

Abridged 0 – 48: Mercury Red

This is the age of the inspirational. We wake up each morning to a torrent of messages on social media informing us that if we ‘be ourselves’ and ‘believe in ourselves’ we can achieve the … Read More

A Many Splintered Thing (with Susanne Stich)

LOVE IS A MANY SPLINTERED THING – Andrew Eldritch “while everywhere love is breathing draftily” – Frank O’Hara Our sense of love is conjured vaguely in our sleep, without sound or alphabet, by the mixing … Read More

I Will Go There, Take Me Home

Escape, it’s all about escape. But can we escape? Are we prisoners of our personal histories, the wider histories of those around us and the mythologies that allow a civilization to function.  The ancient promise … Read More

Once A Railroad in collaboration with Mara Cavalli

History, theoretically is about facts, about what happened and when. We all know it’s more than that. It’s a mix of fact, fiction and on occasion outright fantasy. This project takes a psycho-geographical/historical approach mixing … Read More