We are often asked why we don’t do readings. We do. On occasion. We just don’t do readings with local poets because there are people who do it better than us and there’s no point in repeating things. We don’t do readings with people we’re friendly with. We’re not that friendly with many people. If we were we wouldn’t anyway. We don’t do readings with the latest hot thing. Other people do that better than us. Besides we mightn’t think they’re that hot. We do on occasion curate events with poets that we think fit into the Abridged scheme of things. Inevitably they seem to come from all corners of the world. Mostly we’ve never met them. Both are good things we reckon. It’s always costly. Probably more that most people/organisations can afford. So we don’t do it often. We do however do magazines. And exhibitions. And even send the occasional postcard.