A Many Splintered Thing (with Susanne Stich)

LOVE IS A MANY SPLINTERED THING – Andrew Eldritch “while everywhere love is breathing draftily” – Frank O’Hara Our sense of love is conjured vaguely in our sleep, without sound or alphabet, by the mixing … Read More

I Will Go There, Take Me Home

Escape, it’s all about escape. But can we escape? Are we prisoners of our personal histories, the wider histories of those around us and the mythologies that allow a civilization to function.  The ancient promise … Read More

Once A Railroad in collaboration with Mara Cavalli

History, theoretically is about facts, about what happened and when. We all know it’s more than that. It’s a mix of fact, fiction and on occasion outright fantasy. This project takes a psycho-geographical/historical approach mixing … Read More