Literature in the Ashes of History – Cathy Caruth


Literature and the Ashes of History
Published: 2013
Literature and History/Memory

We’ll be reading a whole series of books during this research period. We’ll let you know what those are. Both Susanna and I have eclectic tastes and influences. I’m not going to tell you if the books I am reading are brilliant or terrible. My favourite book ever, Brautigan’s So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away is regularly declared as perhaps his weakest. And all my favourite albums were panned by those 1980’s protectors of popular culture, the NME, so I have developed a (maybe unreasonable) dislike of reviews. Anyway I’ve been reading Literature in the Ashes of History. It explores the literature reacts to the ‘disappearance of history’, something which is suitably Abridged. Check it out!