Snakes and…

Out on our morning constitutional today we had pause to consider how everyone (apart from joggers and cyclists) are suddenly moving towards away from each other, suddenly curving paths that a few months ago would’ve … Read More


I was asked by a student for her thesis last week how has editing a magazine evolved over the last few decades. Now we might think evolution suggests that things improve over time but really … Read More

Kassandra (Complete Version)

We always like to have an expanded, full or (for people of a certain generation or inclination) a 12 inch remix of our Submission Call or Editorial. Space sometimes doesn’t allow for a complete articulation … Read More

Here we go again…

Apologies for the lack of 1979 activity. There’s has been a lot of Abridged-ness and a major archive called HUMAN which will be live soon that have been taking up our time. But we’ll be … Read More

Looking Forward to the Past…

We’re approaching the Abridged’s 15th year so we are looking back (and forward) a little… There has been quite a bit in the newspapers recently about the lack of the working class in the arts. … Read More

Control Circuits…

We’ve just unleashed Abridged 0 – 54: Control onto the world.  We hope you enjoy it. In 2004 when we started the Abridged the intention was to explore through poetry and art we used to … Read More

Out of Control

As a taster for the new issue we present the Control Editorial. Leviathan is the thing below the surface, the strange and unseen, the monster of the other element, of a liquid world that slips … Read More

Losing Control

“Our weapon is a holy weapon,’ Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the former spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, wrote on Facebook. “The Kalashnikov rifle is a symbol of the creative genius of our people,” President Vladimir … Read More

A Brand New Darkness

A Brand New Darkness is inspired by The Reptile House E.P by the iconic Leeds based group The Sisters of Mercy. The title comes from a verse in the song Lights: The lights shine clear … Read More

Whatever happened to You?

This Abridged Submission Call is essentially the bit in the Wizard of Oz if it was remade now where somebody says: ‘Actually Dorothy, you’re still in Kansas.’  The only way out is the road that … Read More