Here we go again…

Apologies for the lack of 1979 activity. There’s has been a lot of Abridged-ness and a major archive called HUMAN which will be live soon that have been taking up our time. But we’ll be … Read More

Looking Forward to the Past…

We’re approaching the Abridged’s 15th year so we are looking back (and forward) a little… There has been quite a bit in the newspapers recently about the lack of the working class in the arts. … Read More

Control Circuits…

We’ve just unleashed Abridged 0 – 54: Control onto the world.  We hope you enjoy it. In 2004 when we started the Abridged the intention was to explore through poetry and art we used to … Read More

Out of Control

As a taster for the new issue we present the Control Editorial. Leviathan is the thing below the surface, the strange and unseen, the monster of the other element, of a liquid world that slips … Read More

Losing Control

“Our weapon is a holy weapon,’ Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the former spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, wrote on Facebook. “The Kalashnikov rifle is a symbol of the creative genius of our people,” President Vladimir … Read More

A Brand New Darkness

A Brand New Darkness is inspired by The Reptile House E.P by the iconic Leeds based group The Sisters of Mercy. The title comes from a verse in the song Lights: The lights shine clear … Read More

Whatever happened to You?

This Abridged Submission Call is essentially the bit in the Wizard of Oz if it was remade now where somebody says: ‘Actually Dorothy, you’re still in Kansas.’  The only way out is the road that … Read More

A small outbreak…

As a taster for the Abridged Contagion issue we thought we’d let you read the Editorial…we name these issues at least a year (and often more) in advance but somehow they always seems very relevant… … Read More

Degenerate Art?

I’m not sure if Manchester Art Gallery (  has created a conversation but it has created a stream of social and ‘mainstream’ media argument, which is maybe what contemporary conversation amounts to these days. When … Read More