Out of Control

As a taster for the new issue we present the Control Editorial. Leviathan is the thing below the surface, the strange and unseen, the monster of the other element, of a liquid world that slips … Read More

Losing Control

“Our weapon is a holy weapon,’ Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the former spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, wrote on Facebook. “The Kalashnikov rifle is a symbol of the creative genius of our people,” President Vladimir … Read More

A Brand New Darkness

A Brand New Darkness is inspired by The Reptile House E.P by the iconic Leeds based group The Sisters of Mercy. The title comes from a verse in the song Lights: The lights shine clear … Read More

Whatever happened to You?

This Abridged Submission Call is essentially the bit in the Wizard of Oz if it was remade now where somebody says: ‘Actually Dorothy, you’re still in Kansas.’  The only way out is the road that … Read More

A small outbreak…

As a taster for the Abridged Contagion issue we thought we’d let you read the Editorial…we name these issues at least a year (and often more) in advance but somehow they always seems very relevant… … Read More

Degenerate Art?

I’m not sure if Manchester Art Gallery (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/jan/31/manchester-art-gallery-removes-waterhouse-naked-nymphs-painting-prompt-conversation)  has created a conversation but it has created a stream of social and ‘mainstream’ media argument, which is maybe what contemporary conversation amounts to these days. When … Read More

A Contagion…

Contagion is the second part of our Pestilence trilogy. The submission call began as our exploring of the contemporary online social and political world but rather appropriately given the title it has mutated into a … Read More

A Short Post About Readings

We are often asked why we don’t do readings. We do. On occasion. We just don’t do readings with local poets because there are people who do it better than us and there’s no point … Read More

Marx and Engels, God and Angels. Possibly.

As Abridged readers may know we have termed this era as the ‘Age of Inspiration’, a bit jokingly/quite a bit seriously. Aspiration theoretically at least is a beneficial thing whereas ‘inspiration’ always suggests there is … Read More